Document Management

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Customer Citation:
„The definition document management system is not correct – it is more… MUCH more….“ 

This statement is to 100% correct. The definition document management system comes from the roots of our system. Because of the great acceptance of our customers and the versatile possible fields of application our original document management system has been extended with numerous modules. This gives you the possiblity to avoid to invest in expensive specific software and create interfaces to your existent systems. This modular structure enables a moderate access to your system landscape.
You start with a basic setup and have the possibility to launch more modules to a point in time you need more functionality.
By the way, this flexibility of our document management system would even allow to integrate a solution for cash register systems, where cash vouchers are available as documents with all their functions. Generally, DMS is delivered with about hundred possible fields of application. But you don't buy a ready-made application, where you have to adapt your processes to the software – on the contrary – the software can be adapted to your company philosophy, where lots of wishes from customers can be integrated.

If you want to use just ONE of our modules, you should know that this is the first step to our document management System! Starter packages can be created individually for you.

Actually, our document management system looks quite similar to a widely spread e-mail system as far as you only look at the user interface. Your users will be able to work with the system from the first moment, which decreases training expenditures drastically. Nevertheless, the DMS has about thousands of additional functions and it wouldn't be possible to present them all in article, because this would go beyond the scope of it. For that reason we have now summarized some of the highlights and sorted them alphabetically.

Some Examples for Modules: