By using our free WebManager you can replace and refresh contents on your website in just a few seconds, without required Know-How of Web Designing Software and without taking care of time-consuming adapting and scaling of pictures.

We create the homepage according to your wishes – You replace contents, without time consuming learning and without taking care of formats, sizes and scales.

In the area of website development, MyVisionSoft addresses the customers who don't want to take care of

  •   Designing,
  •   Formatting of texts,
  •   Scaling of pictures and
  •   Creation of flashes and picture galleries 

but who want to refresh contents so easy and fast as possible.
Only up-to-date websites Keep to be interesting for your cutsomers.

A refresh of your website doesn't require more than some simple mouse clicks in future.
Besides from picture lists, links, dates, text-components, picture galleries and much more, you also have access to guest books, which send you a message after each created entry. This lets you decide if you want to unlock this entry or not. This avoids an uncontrolled publishing of not wanted entries. Moreover, you can use a detailed access statistic.

On top of that, MyVisionSoft takes over the hosting, the domain registration, design, advice, searching engine registrations and also the transfer of your old homepage if this is desired.